Our job is to be sure you are fully compensated on the assets you own.

Mineral Management

We understand the paperwork and decisions related to mineral ownership can be intimidating. With our professional assistance, we are able to alleviate your stress and save you time by taking on much of the responsibility.

Managerial Services Include:

  • Provide litigation support
  • Generate personalized monthly production and accounting reports
  • Negotiate with operators on your behalf
  • Assist trustee with managerial responsibilities


Let our experienced team ensure that you are being adequately compensated for your mineral ownership.

Analytical Services Include:

  • Review division orders
  • Monitor accuracy of volume and pricing
  • Comprehensive ownership review through decimal interest verification
  • Uncover payment errors and expedite reimbursement


Our oil and gas accounting software allows us to closely monitor your oil and gas revenue throughout the year and, therefore, simplify every aspect of the accounting process.

Accounting Services Include:

  • Royalty and working interest accounting
  • Revenue distribution on behalf of operators and trustees
  • Year-end summary reporting and 1099 reconciliation
  • Online filing and payment to Louisiana OMR, DNR, and LDR

Put our experts, knowledge and technology to work for you!