Who We Serve

We are an Oil & Gas consulting firm specializing in the needs of royalty, mineral, and working interest owners.


Are you a landowner or a leaseholder overwhelmed with the paperwork and decisions related to your mineral rights? Reviewing documents, tracking errors, and saving you valuable time will become our business. By keeping detailed records of your mineral interests, we make sure you are properly compensated for the assets you own. As your advocate, we put our expertise, knowledge, and technology to work for you.


Do you serve clients who own land or receive mineral royalties? We understand that inexperience with the oil and gas industry may leave you feeling overwhelmed when trying to meet your client’s expectations. Our services range from a one-time assessment of a client’s ownership to long-term accounting and management. At Aliign Mineral Management, we will advise on and help you manage your client’s assets.


Are you responsible for managing the mineral assets of a trust? We provide the professional assistance needed to properly manage and ensure each beneficiary receives their proportionate share. Our team has years of experience helping manage mineral rights and accounting for royalty and working interest ownerships. We will maximize the trust’s mineral interests while minimizing your burden as trustee.

Your Best Interest Is Our Only Interest!